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Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I be concerned about my child's speech/language development?

The following nine guidelines will help you decide if your child has a speech or language problem. If any of these apply to your child, you should arrange for a complete speech and language evaluation.

  1. If by two years, your child does not use at least 100 words with appropriate meaning or cannot follow simple commands like "Where is your nose?"
  2. If by age two and a half, your child is not producing any two-word combinations, such as "Baby happy" or is not understanding words other than simple nouns.
  3. If by age three, people outside the family cannot understand 75% of your child's speech.
  4. If by age four, your child still uses sentences that are consistently very short, such as "Daddy play ball".
  5. If by age four and a half, people outside your family cannot understand 90% your child's speech.
  6. If by age five your child still makes many 'mistakes' on pronouns or words endings such as "Them goed home".
  7. If you child stutters.
  8. If any age, your child's voice is consistently harsh, hoarse, too high, too low or too monotone.
  9. If your child is concerned or embarrassed by his or her speech or language at any age.
Who can make a referral to Peel Speech Clinic?

We accept referrals from parents, teachers, doctors and other professionals. The majority of our referrals come from parents like you!

What are the costs of your services?

Service rates depend on the length and type of service. Please contact our office at (905) 362-1500 to get detailed information regarding our rates.

Will my work insurance plan cover speech therapy services?

Most benefit packages cover some or all of the costs of speech therapy. The amount and services covered do vary. Please review your own extended health benefit plan to determine your coverage.

Where is Peel Speech Clinic located?

We are located at 335 Admiral Blvd., Unit #7, Mississauga, ON L5T 2N2 (First street south of Derry running east off of Hurontario/Hwy 10.

What should I bring to the assessment?

Please remember to share any previous medical or speech-language therapy reports when you bring your child in for a speech-language assessment.

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