Speech therapy student

Speech Therapy Services

Our registered speech-language pathologists at Peel Speech Clinic provide evaluation, treatment and home programming specific to your child's needs. We accept referrals from parents, teachers, doctors and other professionals.

The type of services provided at our clinic include:

  • Assessment
  • Speech therapy (e.g. articulation)
  • Preschool expressive language therapy (e.g. vocabulary, grammatical structure)
  • Receptive language therapy (e.g. understanding language)
  • Social Skills programming (e.g. turn-taking, eye contact, response to name, play skills, pragmatics)
  • Fluency enhancing therapy (e.g. stuttering)
  • Home programming
  • Consultation with other professionals

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech/language development, contact our office to book a speech/language assessment with one of our qualified speech-language pathologists. We have significant experience with:

  • Articulation delays/phonological disorders
  • Expressive and receptive language development
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Dysfluency (e.g. stuttering)

An assessment report will be provided detailing your child's speech/language strengths and weaknesses. An individualized program will be designed based on the results of your child's speech/language assessment. Our experienced speech-language pathologists will provide a wide range of materials to make our child's speech therapy both effective and fun!! Other services include:

  • Free Parking (with easy access from highways 403, 401 and 407)
  • Minimal wait times for your child's speech/language assessment
  • Speech and language assessment and therapy available in French
  • Speech therapy/consultation available in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Polish and Ukrainian
Speech therapy for children